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Seven patterns in one. Zig Zag Bracelet and Choker, 1” and 2” Cuff, Pendant bag, Leaf Bracelet, Chevron Choker, Heart Bracelet (not shown). Designed with beads on one side only. Some of the pieces can be made with beads on both sides for a heavier, more “jewelry-like” feel.

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Two patterns in one. Madeline (black & light blue) and Annika (amber & olive). Easy and quick to knit, these bags make a good beginning bead knitting project.
Finished measurements: Madeline, 2” x 2”, Annika, 2” x 2

The bead knitted Sheep Pin looks good on a hand-knit sweater or even on a felted hat. Easy to knit and assemble.
Finished measurements: 1
½” x 2¼”.

Three patterns in one. Dazzler (ivory), Loopy Diagonals (blue), and All-A-Flutter (purple). Those new to bead knitting are encouraged to try the Dazzler first.

Bead Knitted Fashion Accessories  P20/K20

Sheep Pin  P24/K24

Mini Pendant Bag  P22/K22

Contemporary Bead Knitted Bags  P21/K21

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